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Our range of Industrial Rubber Linings On Tanks is widely used in tanks, vessels, etc due to its superior quality. Using advanced technology, we manufacture these rubber linings Tanks in varying thickness. We can also custom manufacture our range of industrial rubber linings tanks according to the specific requirements of the clients. Following are the unique features of our range.


• Superior quality protects against corrosion and metal impurities Rubber lining Tanks.
• Corrosion and abrasion resistant Rubber Lining Tanks.
• Ability to withstand tough chemical environments Rubber Lining Tanks.

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Bends and Rubber Lining :

The use of bends in a designed piping system is critical to managing wear in piping directional changes.

In short the longer you can make the directional transition, the less wear you will ultimately have in your elbow. Induction bent elbows provide engineers and designers an infinite degree of adjustment and allows the elbow to have any sweep dia, limited only by the sweeping arm of the induction bending machine.

Although there are very little limitation of what can be fabricated as an elbow, lining these elbows with rubber can be a challenge.

Here are some general rules of thumb :
  • Larger diameters elbows are easier to line as you can reach the inside to stitch and work out possible air pockets.
  • Small diameter tubes are generally easy to handle.
  • Large diameter tubes are very heavy and hard to manage, sometimes difficult not to create wrinkles
  • Small diameter long swept bends are challenging as you cannot manually adjust the tube in the swept section. Difficult to stitch in corners.
  • Small long swept bends can hide bubbles and wrinkles as they can be hidden in the inside radius which is impossible to see with the naked eye.

Thick liners in small diameter bends are difficult, due to the tube not wanting to turn the corner and kinking when folded in half. The liner has tendencies to create large wrinkles.

Rubber Lining Equipments