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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter and Dealer of Cast Basalt, Cast Basalt Cylinder, Cast Basalt Tiles, Cast Basalt Bends, Cast Basalt Lined Pipes. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Cast Basalt is produced by melting of naturally available basalt rock and cast into tiles and cylinder. The casting is so produced is then subjected to heat treatment cycle to produce Re - crystallized basalt the resultant product is called as fused cast basalt which has excellent wear resistant properties against sliding and friction induced abrasion and also inherits the inertness of parent material.

Cast Basalt Cylinder Cast Basalt Tiles Reducing Cast Basalt Bend
Cast Basalt Cylinders Cast Basalt Tiles Cast Basalt Bends

Product Description:

Cast basalt lined pipe can be mainly used as abrasive material and ash handling system like chute slip trough, funnel, silos, a variety dust catcher, revolving-flow machine, various scraper transport planes, all the feeder liner. Laying the ground all types of chemical plants, it can be for lining picking tank or storage of corrosive substance of the storage room.

According to customer requirements along with cast basalt production technology and we can offer various specifications and various shape to meet client's need.

• Nominal Bore: 32 to 600 mm
• Thickness Ranging: 20 to 30 mm
• Length: 500 mm

Friction Resistance : As more material is passed over Cast Basalt it gets polished up thereby reducing friction further. Cast Basalt improves in service after getting polished. Wetting also improves its performance in practical applications.

Impact Resistance : Direct Impact Resistance at 90 degree is low like all other ceramics, but it can be increased with proper installation by reducing the angle of impact. Cast Basalt is the best wherever sliding abrasion exists. Moreover, external impact strength of composite basalt pipe (enclosed in M.S. Shell) is always more than that of bare Ni-hard Pipe.

Chemical Resistance : Cast Basalt is almost absolutely acid/alkali resistant (except Hydrofluoric Acid) and hence corrosion resistant.

Weight and Sizes : Basalt Tiles are available in regular shape square of 200 x 200 x 30 mm thick, weighing approx. 90 kg/sq m; whereas bends and pipes are lined using Basalt Cylinders of various standard sizes from 50NB upto 500NB.

Temperature : Cast Basalt withstands temperature up to 4500 C

Technical Specification
Sr. No. Particulars Specifications
1. Item Cast Basalt
2. Chemical Resistance Absolutely acid/alkali resistant (except Hydrofluoric Acid)and Hence corrosion resistant
    a. Cast Basalt Thickness 20 +- 2 mm thk
    b. Max. Operating temprature 350 Deg. C
    c. Bulk Density 2.9 to 3.1 gm/cc
    d. Water Absorption Max. 0.5%
    e. Hardness to Mohs 8
    f. Compressive Strength 500 - 550 Mpa
    g. Flexural Strength 40-50 Mpa
    h. Coefficient of expansion 6-8 * 10 -6 1/K
    i. Grout Thickness Min. 15-20 mm
Design Aspects

• The bend radius should be minimum 3 times of nominal bore
• At discharge end of each bend, cast basalt lined straight pipe of length 5 to 12 times the nominal bore must be used.